Feb 16th 2018 The Reverend Cushing Eells – We remain at level 7 state of emergency for political news and general information.

Today in History -The Congregationalist Abolitionist missionary the Reverend Cushing Eells was born in Massachusetts on February 16, 1810.

”Let me see, let me see”  ”Can I still be an abolitionist JC?”  ”We can both be abolitionists wee-bitty.”

Eells founded Whitman College External in Walla Walla, the oldest educational institution in Washington State, when the Washington Territorial Legislature granted a charter to the Whitman Seminary on December 20,1859.

More @ Today in History @ the Library of Congress  https://www.loc.gov/item/today-in-history/february-16/

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st World Crown and Special Agent in Charge of the United States of America.

The United States Public Health Service

We remain at level 7 state of emergency for political news and general information.

Today’s writing registry at JC Angelcraft Versailles  https://jcangelcraftversailles.wordpress.com/le-plume/

Writing for the day.

It goes without saying that right and good religious people inside the United States of America are and will always be people who believe in the writings of their founding.

These writings state that all men are created equal and born with unalienable rights.  This means women too.

By meddling in the History of the United States of America, anti-american elements have tried very hard to detach Americans from connecting with their strongest, most spiritually powerful expression of their abolitionists roots.

These anti-american elements once held more sway in American politics and in their line of progression they often fail to mention that Abraham Lincoln was an abolitionists and almost make it a ”disdainful” word.

The entire country was founded on a succession of abolitionists minded presidents and the principles of abolishing slavery and escaping the tyranny of white supremacy as it was expressed onto the United states by then King George.

Should masons come of this situtation with any respect, it will not be by me or because of me.

Should some former masons and lodge members survive this attack on their members by me its because they renounced Masonry and went back to church instead of their lodge to drink.

I can respect any man or woman who changes their ways and returns back to normal healthy good spiritual living.

JC Angelcraft




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