Feb 12th 2018 We remain at a level 7 state of emergency for political news and general information

Today in History Feb 12th 1809 Abraham Lincoln was born to his cause.  An abolitionist, his life is a story of a young self-educated man who changed his start.   Please join us at NPS national parks service’s Abraham Lincoln’s Journey Home  https://www.nps.gov/liho/learn/historyculture/journeyhome.htm

”Let me see, let me see”

Important Posts:

Just posted at Interpol:  Feb 12, 2018    https://internationalpoliceandintelligenceforce.wordpress.com/2018/02/12/the-success-and-affluence-of-americans-i/

World Health Organization today opened Salud Publica  https://saludpublicoserviciodeemergencia.wordpress.com/

 Washington D.C. Feb 12, 2018 In discussing this media situation with a military doctor, I recall the advice that I had given him that is good for everyone.

I told him that he was in an S.M.B. a strategical media box.  This means he is a typical working class sitting duck and he is subject to false political news and information and so the best thing to do is just to Ignore the current mason presidential news.

With time things will work out so that all of you as you go about your daily lives,  good and better news will catch up with you.

Today February 12th marks the birth of painter Thomas Moran(1837-1926).*

His depictions of Western landscapes inspired Americans to conserve and cherish spectacular wilderness areas as part of their national heritage. … continued at the Library of Congress https://www.loc.gov/item/today-in-history/february-12/

We remain at a level 7 state of emergency for political news and general information

If you are new to this service please make sure to say a little prayer before you read my previous very strong spiritual messages and warnings to the public about Masons, masonry and white surpemacy.

If your are oblivious to what has transpired and all you know is Donald Trump and Barrack Obama, these men have not existed now for seven years.

Everything has been done by paramilitary groups to keep them and masonry alive in your minds.

Enemies of the state daily work their craft through current Donald Trump media to try and remain in control of your money and life.

Nomatter how convincing you think it is and nomatter how much you believe in it, Donald Trump and Barrack Obama media is not true and is used by enemies of the state to try and control Americans and the United States of America and citizens around the world.

Thank you.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st World Crown and Special Agent in Charge of the United States of America United States Public Health Service

United States Public Health Service EMA Emergency management Agency Resources   https://usphsemergencymanagementagency911.wordpress.com/rescources/

United States National Archives  https://unitedstatesofamericanationalarchives.wordpress.com

Today @ JC Angelcraft  The Daily Writings  https://jcangelcraftversailles.wordpress.com/le-plume/

”A Godly nation has reserves that no man can measure and draws strength when facing the greatest adversity” – E – PLURIBUS UNUM

”A well-educated and well spiritually well-balanced conditioned People can overcome anything.” JC Angelcraft

”Right spiritual conditioning promotes the ways of life over unnatural death.”JC Angelcraft



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